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Harvest Deaf Fellowship
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Friday, 13 March 2015

Paul Trip Conference: "When Suffering Enters Your Door"

 Paul Tripp Conference
(Friday April 24th & Saturday April 25th)

"When Suffering Enters Your Door"

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Sign Language interpreting will be provided!
(The words below are the words that Paul Tripp is using in the video.)
 Are you in a moment of suffering right now? Are you facing things you never thought you would face? If you’re not, are you near somebody who is? What are you saying to you …. about God? His goodness, His presence, His wisdom. What are you saying to you …. about you? What are you saying to yourself about life?

The universal theological trap that sufferers go through and fall in to … is this trap of “doubt”. Where is God? Why would He do this to me? If God is loving, why would he bring this in to my life? Where is His faithfulness, where is His goodness, where is His promises, where is his grace?

And here is what’s deadly about that. When you come to question the character of God …. You quit running to him for help, because you don’t go for help to someone who you no longer trust.

In moments of suffering, “biblical, God honouring faith”, never calls you to play monkey games with reality. If the only way you can be happy and content and move forward with hope and courage is by denying reality, you have walked away from the faith of the word of God.

Biblical faith NEVER requires that you deny or numb yourself from the actual true facts of what you’re facing. In the darkest moments of suffering …. You have just as much hope as you had before the suffering began, because hope is never found horizontally. (from other people/situations)  Hope is only ever found vertically, (God/Jesus) and the one who is your hope HAS NOT CHANGED, even though your circumstances have dramatically. Jesus willingly took your rejection so you would never ever again have to see the back of God’s head. (God’s anger or ignoring you)

Life will never turn it’s back on you. Life will never walk away from you, life will never quit on you. Life oh may it never say it’s too hard, it’s taking too long. “LIFE” has invaded YOUR life ….. by His (God’s) grace .....  and WILL NOT LEAVE.